Current Come Play, STL Child

"You can tell them anything and you are not afraid to tell them personal stuff.  Also, they are very nice."

— 12-year-old

Current Come Play, STL Parent

"Our most recent IEP meeting went well.   I spent about 3 hours meeting with the IEP committee.  If it wasn’t for all the info Bethany worked on I would not have had such a great turn out.  Nor would I have remembered everything."

-Parent of a 12-year-old


Current Come Play, STL Parent

"After six weeks of weekly Occupational Therapy sessions, we have seen our child's energy levels go up, be able to cross mid-line, not be as clumsy, and be able to focus for longer periods of time."

— Parent of a 4-year-old

"I refer kids and families to Come Play, STL because they view each child as a whole, integrated person and desire to walk alongside families as they pursue help and healing."

— Brandy Greiner, Director of Education at South City Community School

Previous Come Play, STL Parent

"After almost a year of meeting his therapy goals, my son still remembers how to take control of his big feelings.  He is able to clearly identify his feeling and which intervention to use to help him cope with that big feeling." 

— Parent of 4-year-old child during treatment

Physician Referral

"I like referring my patients to Come Play, STL, because they have both an Occupational Therapist and Play Therapist on staff.  I have seen my patients make significant progress after they started treatment at Come Play, STL."

— Dr. Cindy Willbrand, Webster Family Physicians, P.C.

Excellent Resource

"Evangeline is a passionate and experienced therapist who works hard for clients and is an excellent resource for us." 

— Karis House Community Counseling Center


"I've been working with Evangeline this school year, and I've been so impressed with the quality of therapy a student in my class is receiving. Evangeline has been vigilant in communicating with me and checking in often about my student. She has countless resources up her sleeve and has been receptive to feedback about what's working and what's not. I've been so impressed with Come Play, STL and the wonderful relationship fostered between the therapist, parent, and teacher this year." 

— Teacher to a current Come Play, STL child

We are glad our children and families like coming. We love seeing them! -Come Play, STL

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