Come Play, STL clinicians work together and alongside a child's parents to ensure that the best practices are implemented for each child and family.  

At the beginning of a child's assessment the clinicians will get together to ensure that all areas of a child's life are assessed.  After assessments are completed, the clinicians will get together to discuss their findings.  These findings will then be discussed with the child's parents.  As a clinical team, with the help of the parents, we will come up with the best treatment option for a child.  

Throughout treatment the team will regularly discuss the child's goals and how well they are being achieved, or where a child is still struggling.  During the parent-only sessions, the parents will be brought up to speed on all of their child's therapies, and how they correlate with one another. During sessions with the child, clinicians will work with each other to ensure that they use the same language used with the parents, so as to not confuse the child and their family.  When applicable, the clinicians will also incorporate activities that the other clinicians are working on with the child to help the child see how the same activity may work for several needs.  

Overall, at Come Play, STL, we believe that a team approach is well-suited to assist the clinicians in working towards the best possible outcome for the child, helping to alleviate confusion for the child, and streamlining therapies for the parents.