Come Play, STL is a pediatric mental health center

Exists to serve children and families in St. Louis through a holistic, non-medicated approach, utilizing a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals.  We currently serve children of all ages, ranging from infants to age 17.  The children we have treated, and whom we are currently treating, come to us with a variety of challenges.  This includes, but is not limited to, Anxiety, Bipolar, Sensory Processing Disorder, Depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), struggles with attachment, a challenging transition in life, or various learning disabilities.

As we seek to best understand a child who has many dimensions, we find it is most helpful to get a well-rounded picture of how they were developed.  We do this currently via an initial comprehensive assessment by a Play Therapist, Occupational Therapist and School Psychological Examiner.  


Play Therapy Full Assessment: $600

Establish a baseline of the child through an evaluation of play with parent(s) or caregiver using a MIM assessment, as well as conducting a play-based family genogram.  Additional assessments will utilize free play to better understand what feelings live within them, their view of everyday life, and the goals that they have for this season of life.

Occupational Therapy Full Assessment: $400

An evaluation of fine motor, bilateral motor coordination, visual perception, ocular motor, muscle tone or strength, sensory processing, body awareness (proprioceptive sense), handwriting, gross motor and primitive reflexes.

Psychological Examination Full Assessment: $900

The evaluation process starts with the cognitive assessment to determine the child’s full-scale intelligence quotient, as well as other cognitive abilities including verbal comprehension, processing speed, working memory, fluid reasoning, and visual-spatial reasoning. Upon the completion of the cognitive test, a norm-referenced achievement test is then administered. Assessment of achievement is an integral part of assessment used to rule out or diagnose learning disabilities. If any further testing is warranted in any specific area(s), additional assessments will be administered.


Includes the Following: 

  • Initial 45-minute Parent Meeting.

  • Review of information gathered from a child's parent(s) or caregiver, teacher, pediatrician and previous specialists that have diagnosed or treated child.

  • A 30-minute observation of the child in a natural environment this could be school, camp, a park, or their home.

  • Play Therapy Full Assessment: $600

  • Occupational Therapy Full Assessment: $400

  • Psychological Examination Full Assessment: $900

  • 90-120 minute follow-up. The clinical team will sit down with parent(s) or caregiver to go over each assessment outcome and provide information detailing a child's strengths and potential areas for growth. At that time, the parent(s) or caregiver will be given a potential diagnosis and treatment goals, so that we can work together to come up with a plan that will best suit the child and family.

Expect the assessment phase to be spread over 2-3 weeks.  During that time, the child will visit Come Play, STL 1-2 times a week for approximately 2-3 hours each visit.  This can be flexible, as the length of each visit is dependent on how often the child may need breaks, and how long the child can maintain focus.  Almost all of our children enjoy the assessments and are able to stay alert and focused, even looking forward to more.  


Play Therapy: $120/45 min session

Occupational Therapy: $85/45 min session

Attend Individual Educational Plan Meeting or other outside meetings: $75/meeting



45 Minute Sessions, 1-2x / Week

35-40 Minutes: Child and Therapist meet identified goals

5-10 Minutes: Parent or Caregiver review exercises to help at home

Throughout this time, with permission, Come Play, STL will relay information to a child's teacher, caregivers, additional family members and other professionals who are a part of the child's everyday life.  This is to ensure that all aspects of a child's world are coordinated, and we all say the same things so as to not confuse the child.  The clinical team will also seek weekly input from the child, parent(s) or caregiver, and teachers to better understand the child's growth, triggers, and behaviors, and to identify if goals are being met.

When the child starts to meet their goals, then visits can be reduced to every other week.  Thereafter, if the child continues to maintain growth, visits can be further reduced to once per month, and taper off from there.  To celebrate the child's wonderful achievement of meeting and obtaining their goals, Come Play, STL will conclude therapy with a celebratory party that the child will help plan.  

We believe "once a client, always a client."  We understand that there can be hiccups in developmental growth, and unforeseeable life changes may come along, causing your child to need a "check-up".  Therefore, we are here to serve you in those moments whether your child needs to meet with one of our clinicians, or simply to respond to an email or a phone call.


Come Play, STL is a private practice who is currently on no insurance panels. Although, we provide our clients with a complimentary service of submitting their claims monthly to their insurance company as an out of network provider. If the family has out of network benefits then they are reimbursed by their insurance provider once their out of network deductible has been met.


  • Cash

  • Check

  • Credit Card

  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

  • Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs)


We are delighted to also offer services outside of one-on-one child therapy sessions.  Services that expand the knowledge of what we do and further the education within our fields of practice.

Licensed Clinical Social Work Supervision or Play Therapy Supervision: $75/hour